As an official agent of Cubitech which made a breakthrough to meet the coming new era in surveillance systems, they develop flexible solutions for the Security and Surveillance Industry. Our success is based on the use of advanced applications and optimized methodologies.

We always aim for the best possible results, offering services of the highest quality.

Developers of the Cubis Software and the Cubis Barebone Systems, they always strive for implementing flexible and turnkey solutions that are characterized by our expertise and ongoing effort to add value to our customers. As a result, we are proud to maintain notable rates of repeating customers and a continuous increase in market share


With Cubitech we can offer a complete range of high end cameras, designed and
quality assured, according to the highest standards of the Security and Safety Industry. They are fully integrated with the Cubis Software and the Cubis Systems, offering complete solutions for customers’ needs.
With a great variety of IP, panorama, thermal and specialized technologies, Cubitech cameras are the products that can meet all the requirements of any kind of security project.


Cubitech Recorders

Cubis systems are fully integrated with all versions of Cubis Software and are an integral part of every small, medium or large scale project. 

With its robust and industrial design, Cubis Systems are the products that any type of business entities trust to fulfil their recording requirements.

Carefully designed and engineered with Cubitech’s expertise, Cubis Systems are the products that will continuously perform under any circumstances to any kind of security project.

Cubitech Recorders

Cubitech VMS

Cubitech software is the high-end, cost-effective Video Management System developed and produced by Cubitech.

With completed project reference list of real life uses in all security vertical markets, such as Banks, airports, hotels etc. Cubis Software is the product to trust to cover all security needs.

With industry wide specifications, Cubis Software complies with the requirements of every type of a security project. With supreme upgradability and scalability, Cubis Software provides a seamless and easy delivery of its supreme capabilities.

With capabilities that makes surveillance easier, Cubis Software has integration with thousands of cameras and hardware independent compatibility that defines it as the best product o use.

Cubitech VMS

Control Room

View, control and operate your surveillance network. Customize where and how you get alarms, notifications and feeds on your screens

A surveillance control setup that integrates all the visuals, alarms and feeds of a security network and displays them on screens or a video wall. A specialized keyboard and software allow for functions like zoom in and out, select screens, blow up visuals, select camera views, angles and many more.

Control Room

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